I'm awfully greedy; I want everything from life, to enjoy myself, to be selfish and unselfish


Deep in thought


Staying in a sunny island named Singapore. Being where I am, naturally, you become a foodie! I love to try and go round trying new dishes that tingle my tastebud! Especially when I tried something good, it will put me automatically in 150% good mood!

Besides food, love exercising! Keeping myself in a healthy weight range after all the eating and allows me to eat more lovely cuisine out there! I don’t believe exercising is a chore, but a way of life!

As a female, I believe that females out there should be equipped with the right knowledge, manners and attitude to go through with life. That’s why I love reading to gain more knowledge and to be more positive. That’s how one gain self-confidence to conquer the world.

I love writing here on the platform. The pictures that I took inspires me to write what I felt at the moment. It might be real experiences or my dreamy thoughts. Penning down all these down here to make it my little journal to share with others out there.

Ultimately, I do hope that other readers will enjoy the content on my blog. Do feel free to comment to share and exchange your thoughts with me 😀