Don’t be mistaken, this blog post has nothing to do with what religion or what you believe in. Is more of, having that faint of little hope again.

I’m must admit, I’m not a faithful devoted to God. Don’t get me wrong, I believe he exists out there. My relationship with him is always on and off. Because when I get down, it feels real down to the point I question my existence. But on some days, he works his miracles and I feel alive again.

This month has been a smooth sailing month for me in all aspects. In my own opinion, this month is about letting of all the old baggage, negativity and letting go of the old and in with the new and being positive.

My faith of little hope came back again on Thursday. A year ago, I tried to sell my IWC watch ( for those who doesn’t know, this watch was bought as a set with my ex. I bought this as an engagement watch as I was certain he was the guy I want to be with), however, individuals were low balling me. Offering me really low prices. At that point of time, that emotional rage I had was clouding my judgment too. At the end of the day, I did not sell it. Instead, I kept it and let it be in the watch winder. Till my another beloved watch broke down on me, that’s when I started to wear it on the day to day basis.

It was on last Monday, I was taking the bus home and then again, there goes past his car. This time, my only reaction was “oh, that was him” and I continued staring. Maybe it was because I was dead beat after my Kickboxing session. But part of me is no longer affected by him anymore. That’s when I knew, is time to say good bye to my IWC watch.

On that very night, I advertised it. A week later, on a Wednesday I’ve gotten a very interested seller who was really interested in seeing the watch. Let him view it on Thursday. As of yesterday, this watch is being sold to him. He was such a patient guy, love a good piece of watch and when he wore the watch, it suits him so much better than I wore it. Most importantly, he was so sincere and I can tell he will take good care of this watch.

In some ways, God always has his ways. He really does have his own ways of telling you it’s not time yet. When the time is right, he will let you know.

I do hope that the path I’ve chosen and what God has planned out for me, will be a great one.

Image taken from Pixabay, photographer Pexels