The past few days, I’m wallowing in my situation. For the fact that I feel unaccomplished in life. Is not only until yesterday, that I realised all these years I’m actually slowly preparing my finances till my mid-50s. It might sound ridiculous for someone who is turning 27 years and thinking that far ahead in life.

I’m fortunate that during my teenage years, I’ve learnt and gained some basic knowledge in regards to investing, knowing the importance of insurance and matters that affect the rest of your life. However, I did not take any action only till my early twenties for the fact that when you are a student you have no income.

As of now, working for 4 years, managed to save a little. However, due to my last year woha, spent almost all on travelling last year and this year, spending on my changes and miscellaneous items. Till recently, when my mum had a fall, it scared the hell out of me. Thank goodness, nothing serious.

In some ways, I feel comforted that I can say at least I’m doing some things right in my own life.