I must admit, I’m one a very fortunate girl who. In comparison to those who are living in a third world country, I’m very lucky in their eyes. I do not have to worry about my meals, paying the bills, having electricity and water for everyday usage etc.

A colleague of mine just asked me a question: ” are you happy”.

People always say happiness comes from the things you already have. Stop looking for things you don’t have.

Then my question is that what you have nothing in the beginning? Yes, you might have items that make your life a lot easier. But do those items make you happy?

Truth to be told I’m not happy. Yes, I’m a very lucky girl, I’m able to afford items, got to study overseas, able to travel overseas to explore the world. Something in me is still missing and I don’t know what it is.

Instead, I feel angry all the time now, feeling weary and lost in constant disappointments and failure.

Sometimes, I question myself. What am I doing with my life? I’m just wasting it, I’m trying my best to make something out of it, but is just so hard. I’m faced with constant fights, arguments, obstacles and disappointments.

I’m hitting a brick wall. I ceased to exist in this world as a human being with feelings anymore.


image was taken from Powerofpositivity