I know both of us love each other hard.
If things were different,
We might be walking down the aisle now.
that’s just the fairy tale we both want.

To a certain extent,
We broke each other,
For the dreams we once created,
For the wishes, we once wished upon,
For the future that we once painted.

I just wish to say this to you,
I’m sorry for dashing your hopes and dreams.
For I know I’m not able to give them to you,

Letting you go,
Is one of the best choices that I’ve done in this relationship.
Hoping you find someone who will realise them with you.

I’ve heard,
you are not pursuing your dreams.
Wallowing in the negative thoughts.

How I wish I can stand in front of you now,
To wake you up.
You have all the right tools with you,
Yet not treasuring them.

How I wish I can tell you,
please don’t give up on your dreams.
There will be someone out there for you.

How I wish I can take back what I’ve said to you.
Even better,
To hope I’ve never met you

How I wish I can stand in front of you now,
to smile and you.
For I want to see the best in you.