I didn’t expect time to pass that quickly. It’s almost a year since I’ve been single. I must admit the first few months was the most heart-wrenching. Accordingly, to psychology studies, it actually takes 6 to 8 months to make your brain realise the emotional pain. In other words, it requires at least 6 months to forgive the pain inflicted by what others have done to you. As to whether I’ve forgiven him, well I don’t think I have the answer till we happen to cross each other’s path.

Friends and family saw a huge change in me throughout these months. Some are glad for me to finally change for the better. I’ve changed physically (tried to lose weight but no change in weight. But overall a change in clothes makeover) and emotionally. Is more of the emotional part that friends and family are still trying to get the hang off. I’m a little more impatient, more straightforward and direct in the things I want and how I put forth my message, easily annoyed by silly things etc…

I’m glad within this coming one year of singlehood, I’ve managed to do things out of my comfort zone. Like travelling alone to visit friends, visit new countries, exploring new cuisines, made new friends, did something I always wanted to do, most importantly I found a better me to lead a happier and carefree life that I can’t happier about.

Meanwhile, I’m implementing another new change in me. Well, it took me long enough to finally decided to go for it, to be exact 2 years. It didn’t occur to me then to do it because family members discouraged. Why their theory is “love to embrace yourself!”. All these years I’ve never liked this flaw of mine, is time to take things in my own hand. It will cost me a huge amount of money to do it, few weeks or months of agony and pain, a little scared and worried … However, there’s no turning back for it has been scheduled for this coming Wednesday. Hopefully, I can have a much brighter and beautiful smile in time to come.

I’m really glad for the changes I’ve made so far. There will be more to come and I’m a little hesitant and uncomfortable with certain things. But hey, if you really want to change for the better, it needs to be challenging. I’m looking forward to what the remaining year in what more can I achieve.

Image taken from: the daily quotes website