Before meeting you, I was dreading this date. However, I know I had to get out and live my life the way I should. Instead of following my old routine.

We went to a place that you suggested, somewhere I’ve not been to. It looks warm, cosy and not too quiet. Just the way I like it. Looking at the menu, you asked me what would I like. I’m a girl who loves her food. Who eats like a pup lion when she’s famished. That was me when I met you. Hungryyyyy….

I told you that I was torn between the Fish & Chips and Ribeye Steak. To please me, you ordered two mains to share together. A thoughtful gesture that I admire from anyone, for the fact that this small action is such a generous move.

We talked, I got to understand you better.  I’ve asked you a very sensitive question and you were actually patient and broad minded to tell me your opinion to me. I must say, I didn’t want to end the night. From the look of you, you didn’t want to end it too.

Instead of paying the bill for the dinner, we asked for the drinks menu. I’m terrible at holding my liquor well, but of course, with such a relaxing night a drink will be good. With one drink, I manage to loosen up. Your fingers were stroking mine on the table, I didn’t resist it and was playing with yours too. We were flirting all night long. Then you asked me one question that sets me thinking. That is if I was seeing anyone at the moment.

With this question, I had, to be honest. I’m not looking to be serious at the moment. But of course, with drinks on our hands, the electricity between us. A commitment was not I was looking for at the moment.

It was late and it was time for us to head back. You were kind enough to drive me home and I agreed and because the alcohol has gotten into my head. When I’ve reached, you looked me the eyes, your right hand holding my left hand and told me you enjoyed your night. You wish to have a second one if I give you the chance.

I might be drunk but I knew this heart of mine wants to know you better too. I told you to contact me and I do hope to see you again. You were hesitant about something, it is bothering you and you were not looking in my eyes but at my hands.

Just when I wanted to say goodnight to you and open the car door. That’s when you have lost control and you kissed me on my lips. The right thing to do was to resist. Surprisingly, I went with the flow. I guess the moment was right and making out in the car like teenagers add a little adrenaline.

The End.