I had a good talk with one of my colleagues at lunch yesterday. So happened we were on the topic of Love and Relationships.

She asked me a very good question due to her situation:

C: If you are in my situation, that you have known this friend for so long. All of a sudden he has expressed interest in you. In the past, we would flirt a little but nothing ever serious. Perhaps a slight crush towards each other that’s all. Would you be able to accept the love he has for you all along?

Me: I will be afraid. For the fact that we had gone through many good and bad times. No doubt, all these years, there might be slight flirting and affection for each other. However, due to circumstances, there was never a chance to get together even until this point. This is already a sign.

C: What if you think that there’s such a chance to go really far and if he’s really the one?

Me: There is no definite answer to that question. When we enter into a committed relationship, we go in with a mindset of this relationship will work instead of fail. No one can tell you whether will this relationship will be “death do us apart”.

C: Would you risk your Friendship for a Relationship then?

Me: Well, I think this guy really likes you for a really long time. To have this courage to express his affection for you even after dating a few girls whom he doesn’t find suitable. I think he’s really into you. I have to be certain that by getting into a relationship and it doesn’t work out, I really don’t want to lose him as a friend. That’s my main concern.

C: I’m at a lost, I do like him too for quite some time already. Nothing ever serious though. As you said, due to different circumstances we never had a chance….

Me: Follow what your heart tells you to do.

If you were my friend? Would you. I don’t know if I would for the fact that I’m not in such a position.