Time really zoom past real quick. Q1 has ended come to an end and we are entering Q2.

On some days, I find it really hard to wake up. When my whole body is just so tired and heavy to pull myself out of bed. While other days, I can be excited to get out of bed to start the day. I try to take every day as it counts. Means that I try to make every day fulfilling.

Maybe is just me, but at times I just find it tiring. I’m physically exhausted sometimes from working late. Mentally drained from the projects I have on hand. Overall, just exhausted and need a break. Thus, on days I would just say “hack it! I’m just going to let loose. Have a drink and not exercise or cook and just slouch on the couch or lay in the bed and play with social media”!

Having said that, I’m trying very hard to keep track the progress I’ve made since the start of 2017. I’m glad to share some of my highlights:

  1. Returned back to Kick Boxing! Love the energy and of course the having to punch all my might to vent end of the day frustrations! img_4668-1
  2. Hitting the gym and kickboxing sessions, at least 5 times a week! Bought me a new power training gloves too! So that I won’t form calluses img_4959
  3. Making a very huge effort to eat healthy at least once a day. Even on the weekends. aa83225b-4cbf-4925-a828-df0605ea7c412278dc9d-9030-4d44-a29a-c0ef6277fe60
  4. Celebrated my 26th B’day with my dearest family at one of my favourite restaurants! ec874c77-e36c-4a83-8232-abe3a671bc5c
  5. Spending good times with friends! d7ac0c51-85ad-4251-8eba-41ba8d22e602
  6. Working real hard to accomplish my career goals. Unfortunately no fruitful returns yet! But that’s a motivation to keep going!
  7. Lastly, sometimes taking a good break with a cup of coffee to recharge the next day img_4729

I know it might not seem much. But this blog post of mine is a way to motivate me to push myself further for Q2 to come. Hoping to achieve more and be better each day and every day.

So L.Z.H.T remember, the journey you have chosen is not easy. It will not be an overnight success, it a patience and hard work path. So stay strong and keep going.