Once a fire burns out, it can always be lit again. The same goes for romance.

Time and distance can truly make the heart grow fonder, so don’t rule out the possibility of falling in love again.

A long time friend of mine whom i’ve just recently met last year made fun of me yesterday. He was making fun of me getting distracted by boys.

Ironically, I know part of me is healed and ready to head out to date again. But not looking for anything serious. However, I did not put myself out there socialising with new people and never cross the thought of wanting to go on dates even though I know i’m ready to do so.

After my second breakup, I’ve been scalded badly. I don’t wish to relive through that heartbreak anymore. Therefore, I’m quite hesitant to put myself out there and socialising.

I don’t doubt the possibility of falling in love again is being ruled out. But, falling in love and taking the plunge of giving the relationship a try is a question mark.

Have you been where I am? What would you advise?