As I was sipping my morning cup of coffee and I was thinking about the book I’ve read the previous night. It contains stories of how individual overcomes their fears to be positive, optimistic and carries a great faith in the rest of the life journey.

Yesterday, a confirmation of uselessness swept upon me at work. Colleagues have been waiting for my proposal to be implemented. Their thoughts and thinking are simple. On the contrary, I’m facing a tough time to get the budget to go through and thinking of solutions to bring the cost down.

I thought I was an optimistic individual, who pushes forward and believing that I can attain my goals if I just trust in it. But sometimes, the road gets too windy and rocky. The people around you are not supporting you but instead pulling you down.

This is when doubts, questions and Fear start popping into your head. What do you then? Do you let the fear take you over, or do you embrace the fear and push forward?

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. Baby, is living through the storm and dance in the rain to enjoy it.

To the young individuals out there, here’s a short poem to get you through the days of gloominess:

Life is short
Take the time to live it
Do not be sadden by one failure
Instead take it as a lesson learnt
When a second opportunity comes
You will improve on it

Life is short
Live your dreams
Do not shelve it away
Vision it and aim to take flight in it

Life is short
Love your life with an open heart
Embrace and feel all emotions
Only then you will be full and open
That’s how you stay alive

Life is short
Have some faith and hope
Give thanks
for you still have today to make a change.