A family isn’t measured by the quantity. The essence of a family is that they will always be there in times of good and bad. You know that you can count on them on anything.

Who exactly is your Family?

Does it necessarily mean that it needs to be blood-related sharing the same DNA? or can it be someone outside of your family tree like a really good friend?

I’m unbarred in front of my really close friends. I share my worries, my experience with them. On the contrary, with my family, I’m a close book. I hardly share my thoughts and feelings with them.

But both group shares one common denominator, that is Love. Love can exist in many forms is just whether we take the time to actually appreciate it. Even though I might not be close to my family, but their little actions that they do for me is a way of showing me they care.

In my opinion, close friends and blood-related relatives are both Family to me. They have my back and I have theirs too. They are people whom I treasure every single day.