Have you gotten that feeling of helplessness and you truly needed help from someone because you are just stuck?

Well, a moment ago I did.

The story goes:

In Singapore, we have this Cashcard system. We will have credits on this card and we call it the Cashcard. It will then be inserted in this IU system in all of our vehicles in Singapore. This is the government regulation.

We use this system to enter and exit any carpark gantry. So I took the car out this morning to the wet market to get some stuff for lunch. Usually, no one takes the Cashcard out unless it has insufficient credits. Usually, I’m the one who does it because my mum is just clueless about it.

When I tried to exit the carpark gantry, there goes please “Insert Cash Card into the IU System”. Shucks! my mum took the Cashcard out and I’ve none available on me.

I jammed the whole carpark system because it was a really cramp carpark. I alone one girl, managed to jam about 10 cars both entering in and out of this carpark. Stuck for about 3 minutes or so. I must say, the place I went to the people are there are slightly better to do. Driving good cars and bringing their maids for marketing.

The car behind me did nothing to help me. While a kind gentleman, from the opposite entering into the carpark saw me in need of help. He stepped out and offered to pay for my fee to exit the carpark.

I’m so lucky and I felt so embarrassed at the same time too. It was just a $0.30 cents exit but I’m so so grateful for this kind gentleman that assist me.

I guess I need to do something kind to pay it forward, like how this kind gentleman did for me 😀