I know life is never perfect, life is never fair or just. That’s alright because instead on focusing on the what is not, we should turn our attention to what is right.

These days, I’ve slept really well and is hard to come by. Turn on my favourite TV series and watched it, unknowingly I will just fell asleep. When my alarm rings so did my body. What made it different is that when I woke up, I feel a tinge of happiness, the feeling of being so blessed.

I’m fortunate to have a roof over my head, having a bedroom to myself, have a comfortable bed to myself and being alive. When my mind is awake, when my body wrapped up in my quilt and bed sheets, I just feel so blessed.

Now, every morning when I feel the sheets with the struggle to get up, I feel a little happier.

I must say, I’m a very fortunate girl.