I’m standing right here, just feeling the cool sea breeze blowing against my face. Having that warmth sunshine bouncing off my skin and enjoying it every second of it. I feel blessed that finally, I can feel the sunshine on my skin in the evening.

The past few week was hard. I’ve been working hard every day that when I left the office is always dark skies. Glad that I can feel the sun shining down and it somehow just lifted my spirits.

I couldn’t help but think of you. How we spend the last new year’s eve together and the last Chinese new year together. I don’t know why but a rush of memories just swept into my brain at one go.

There’s a saying:

The harder it is to get over your past relationship, it means that your ex partner had given you lots of wonderful memories.

Yes, you have given me so many wonderful memories but you are gone. The day we parted, part of me has died. It is true, one can really die from a heartbreak. I felt that excruciating pain, a pain that I no longer want to feel again. Having said that, that pain still lingers. You were once my everything and my heart was filled with you. That day w parted, you’ve created a hole so deep in my heart. Yes, it is patching day by day but it is painful. Because part of me knows that you are already healed. Living a good life without me. Maybe even seeing someone else and getting in a new relationship.

As for me, well I’m still in the process of healing. I must say it is a hell of the bitch to get healed. Loving the wrong person does screw you up, but never did I regret loving you. Just that we are not compatible with each other. But I’m afraid of getting into another relationship, that pain of misery is just so miserable.

I’m not asking for much. I do hope that I can get healed soon and maybe is time to go for professional help. I’m already finding for help and I must say it isn’t cheap. Is time to save up and get myself treated. Also, I hope to achieve at least something in my career. I’ve plans and I hope to see it through.

This 2017 hopefully is a year for me to get well and see something through in my career.