Sorry for not sending you a text for all the years we spent, the things you have taught me and the gifts you have gotten me.

Sorry that I’m only writing here because I know that you don’t even know that I have used my blog as an outlet since we split apart. Besides, I don’t wish to contact you anymore to save more pain to myself.

Sorry, i’m emotional today because I was cleaning my room and dug things up that made me think of you. I’ve got to say, I miss you.

I hate that feeling, but I can’t stop. All I can do is just let that emotion wash through me like it should months ago when I’ve constantly refused to feel the pain.

Thank you for getting me a wonderful sheepie balloon for our first anniversary
Thank you for the wonderful toy dog as we spent our first Christmas together
Thank you writing me a short sweet letter for letting you stay over because I didn’t want to wake you up from your sleep
Thank you for counting me in for your dad’s 60th bday dinner.
Thank you for taking the time off to spend our first staycation and celebrating my bday Thank you for getting me a sheepie crystal for my bday
Thank you for bringing me to the Sydney Harbour Bridge
Thank you for getting me Sense because you wanted me to sleep better
Thank you for bringing me to watch my first circus performance in Singapore
Thank you for giving me your shirt to let me wear it for my PJ.

Thank you for everything.