The story begins:

Leaning over the ledge, just listening to the waves breaking against the wall. Just closing her eyes and smelling the seawater, it was a change from her everyday life. The sea breeze swept across her face and hit her hard with the coldness. Zoey needed that to wake her up from her thoughts. This was the day, exactly a year ago 8th October 2015 when her life was awoken and shaken upon by just one heart-shattering news.

Every morning, Zoey loves receiving good morning text from the love of her life Jacob. She could not be happier at the point of life she is in. Just being promoted as the Marketing Director in Xena where she worked and slogged hard for 5 years. Adding the cherry on top, the day she got promoted, Jacob has proposed to her asking her to be his forever life partner. Zoey was contented with her life and gave thanks and blessing every day. Most importantly, she was Adored by a wonderful gentleman, who would give her everything to make her happy. Including his life to keep her safe. Jacob was his name, her guardian angel that made her glow inside.

The morning went by like a hurricane, as Zoey work schedule was packed. However, the thought of not receiving a morning text from her Finance was a weird occurrence. Even though being tightly packed with her schedule, she will be constantly checking for Jacob’s text message. Just when she was about to head out for lunch, a phone call came in. With an unknown number sighting on her phone, Zoey was hesitant as she was afraid it was a cold call that is just annoying. Ignoring her instinct of hitting the reject button, Zoey picked up the call:

“Hello. Zoey speaking”, ” Is this Zoey Kyle, I’m Dr Craid calling from Seattle Grace Hospital”. By hearing that the call from the hospital has made Zoey’s heart skipped a beat. Called by a hospital is not a joke, on the contrary, a scary one. ” Yes, this is she, how may I be of assistance doctor?”. Dr Craid was holding back and trying to be as professional as he could be over the phone. With that monotone voice of his, exudes a calmness but yet paranoid feeling for Zoey. “Miss Zoey, Mr Jacbo has registered you as his emergency contact. You might want to head down to the hospital right now. I regret to inform you that Mr Jacob Patten is in a very critical health condition. It would be best if you can head down to the hospital right now.” All Zoey did was to keep very quiet, is as if her soul has left her body for a temporary of time. She is not able to process the information she is hearing right now and hang onto the phone. “Miss Zoey, are you still there. If you are please answer if you are able to come down to the hospital right now. As this is really urgent.” ”

It was 8th October 2015, she has lost him to a car accident. Jacob an enthusiastic road cyclist, loves adventure, strong athletic and a safe driver died in a car crash. Her world has shattered when she has gotten a call after lunch notifying her that Jacob was in the hospital.

All she could recall was driving her car recklessly. Putting herself and others on the road in immense danger. She storms the acceleration pedal hard and not using the brake pedal along the way. Her only goal was to see Jacob, her love, her life, her Guardian angel eyes one last time.

Unfortunately, God has given Jacob’s death sentence before Zoey could see him one last time. Holding his cold hands, cried till she shivered and exhausted yet refusing to leave his side. The pain she felt was like a thousand sword coming right at her, stabbing her heart one at a time till she gave in.

Who could have believed, she was going to walk down the aisle with Jacob. She has been dreaming this day ever since she falls hard for him. Who wouldn’t, a gentleman with the blue eyes. His eyes were crystal clear to her, so blue like the ocean and carried so much emotion and love for her. She loves staring into those mesmerising eyes of his, making her feel like she’s the only girl he could ever love.

She realised that life is just so short and she’s regretting things she has yet to do or tell Jacob.Memories are flashing past as each second as the waves crashing against the brick wall. Her tears are uncontrollable and her heart aching so ever badly. All she could think was if she could give up half of her life to bring back just one minute of Jacob’s life.

There’s nothing much more that can be done. All Zoey mind was, “Why could I not say I love you one last time. Why didn’t I bake his favourite chocolate cake when he asked me too. Why didn’t I say yes to the Europe trip he wanted to go. Why! Why! Why!”.

Nothing let to be said, nothing left to be done and nothing is left for Zoey to look forward to anymore.

The End.