I’ve got to admit, these days I kept thinking about you. Especially going on a trip with a couple that was once like us triggered bit by bits into my head.

Thinking back to the memories we once had and how we spent our time together. Today, I’ve finally come to terms that missing the memories we once had is actually alright. It made me treasure what we once had and the happiness we both grasp at that time of our lives. Be it the wonderful memories we had, the bad times we went through too. It was rough and the pain still lingers and will always be a scar on my heart.

I finally had the courage to look back on your Facebook and Instagram. It was random and subconsciously I wanted to know if I’ve finally let go of you.

Scrolling on your post feeds and got some new updates. The most important factor is that my heart no longer hurts that badly just by looking at your updates.

Vietnam made me realise that there are good guys out there. Guys who will treat a girl with the right respect. Good guys that will show a girl a good time and protect her even knowing her just for a few short hours. All of which are done out of concern and not wanting any benefits in return. Yes, is silly of me to think that no one guy could be ever as good as you.

Even friends are starting to say that I’m getting back to my normal self. Able to eat heartily and even more than before. Smile more than before. Having lots of fun with my life now.

All I want to say is, I’m proud to be where I am today 😀
In fact, I’m very proud.