Question here: 

Do you believe people will change?

I’ve asked this question to many different friends of mine. All of them gave me different answers, but all with one common demoniator. That is 

Yes, people do change. But only if they want to or certain circumstances make them change.

Comparing 1 year ago till now, I know I did change. Situational factors changed me to be a mentally stronger person, physically I’m still trying very hard to improve on it. Overall, I felt a good change in me and I know u can do better and achieve better results.
I do not believe people wouldn’t change. People do change. What you have went through the past week, may give you an new insights to life. You may have learnt something new during the week and that’s a change. We are constantly evolving, in pursue of different goals in our different phases in life. That’s you changing according to your needs. The ability to uses our senses to let us experience the world around us, will lead you to different parts of the world. Giving you that chance to explore something new and boarden your mindset is also a change. 

No one can foresee what comes tomorrow. You can change for the better or for the worst. Only you have it in your own hands. 

So why not take that leap of faith in yourself? Learn something new everyday and expand your knowledge. Your brain is dying of thirst when we are constantly doing routine jobs. Change yourself to be a better person compared to yesterday.

The road is yours to take.