On 12th November 2016, I’ve finally did my one last unfullfilled promise to someone who once accepted me into her family. It was coincidental, as another 2 more days “it” has already reached 2 years.

I made a promise to myself to only do this when I’m ready to see her. To be able to say my last goodbye and never look back. Part of me was ready but a part of me was a little hesitant. Not knowing if I should visit her as I’m no longer obliged to do so.

It took me a lot of “yes” or “no” before visiting her. Finally, I drew up all the courage I had, bought a Lily that she loved and visited her. 

Told her it has all ended, very grateful to her and thank her for all those times. Said my last goodbye and left. No longer turning back.

 My heart no longer feels as heavy. Maybe it was because of the constant guilt of delaying that one last promise to her and to myself. A load has lifted off me.