The lonely path

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going

Everyone has a shield towards the outside world. They do not reveal who they truly are in the outside world easily. Unless it’s only to your very close friends. Consequently, being such a judgemental society, we tend to judge people just by the facade they see on the outside. With this passing judgment, an affirmation is being set.

Today, this post that I’m writing is a reminder to myself. In the eyes of my colleagues, I’m a capable, strong and determined lady trying to achieve something in my career. In my friends’ eyes, they know the rocky road I’m heading for and they cannot do anything to help me. Just by being there is good enough.

For every laughter I laugh, there’s a pain behind it
For every smile I have, there’s a sorrow behind it
For every step I take in life, is my freedom being tied upon a pole
The path I’ve chosen is a lonely one till I’m able to succeed and achieve greatness
I’m tired and exhausted, but I’m not allowed to fail
Failing is no longer an option to me

Always remember, every individual is going through a different point in life. You do not know what He or She is going through behind that facade you see.

Be kind and respect to all individuals that comes across your life. Treat them as how you wish to be treated.