Seek advises from a Friend yesterday, why am I so fustrated. 

A word of advise from her still sticks in my mind; 

He sees your faults and your issues, you acknowledged it and you want to make the changes. Yes you might not change in time and you have failed him along the process of change. 

But, has he seen as issue with himself? 

You can change all for him, but he’s not going to change for you. When you want to mend things up and fix things with him, he says it’s too late. 

Why doesn’t he want to mend things up and stick through with you? 

He’s already out there living his life. He doesn’t care about you anymore. 

The one feeling sorry should be him and not you. Forgive yourself because he’s not worth.

A new perspective to moving on and I’m grateful to these reminders.