Raffles Hotel Singapore

Stepped out of my house since 8.30pm.
Headed out with some friends with the intention of
trying to swing you of my head.

It was 12.45 am in the morning,
that’s when i ordered my first drink.
To my surprise, my first drink was on the house.

It was 1.00am when I took my last gulp of my drink,
before heading to another place for more drinks.
Still so utterly sober,
but emtionally drained.

It was 1.15am when I’ve reached another bar,
Had a really potent drink ordered by my friends.
Drank it real slow,
as they advised.

To my surprised,
I finished it within 10 minutes.
My friends order another round of drinks,
Thats when I knew I had to stop.

I can’t drink anymore,
as i know I’m heading down an alcholic road.
A road of no return if I were to drink one more bottle.

At 2.30am I am home in one piece.
But heart still torn.