In half a years time, I will be 26. Looking back at this point of time, a year ago things were so different. My heart was still fluttering and was still whole because of you. My life revolved around you. 

Now, I’m slowly returning back to my old self, but a better one. I’ve to give credit to you because you broke me hard, in order to make me who I am.

The things we go through in life. Be it with friends, family or Everyday occurrences is a just a stage in life. Be it good or bad, it’s a life experience that will teach us something. 

You were one of them. You taught me so much things and loved me. I hope that I did the same for you too.

Now, I’ve to learn to forgive myself. I don’t know how, but I’m trying. Without this, I won’t be able to heal. I don’t want to be broken when I’m barely holding myself together with all the other pieces crumbling around me. 

I miss you, but that’s no longer important. I need to heal and move on for myself.