Resolutions; the goals of achievements
that are yet to be accomplished.
They say, focus on what you want to achieve,
and that might be your reality.

The resolutions that I’ve set out for the year 2016;
To be fitter and to be a morning person.
It was partly set out because of you.
To be able to understand your interest better.

Things that you once did for me,
all in the name of wanting me to achieve my resolutions.
Is no longer in my dictionary.

Now I’m sitting by my desk, 6.45am in the morning.
Thinking what a joke this is.
Looking at the starless night, slowly transforming into a shade of sky blue.
All I could think of, is you.
Heading off on your weekly bike ride,
With another girl, who is riding a bike that once belongs to me.

In a way, you did set out to achieve my resolutions,
Just in a different way.