A snapshot of my Grandfather’s hand


If we are fortunate, we have ten fingers and ten toes. We have pairs of eyes to look at the world. A nose to smell the scent of marvelous flowers. A mouth to taste and to satisfy for our everyday hunger. To be able to feel, feel those warm hands of your loved ones on your body. All these senses, only then we are able to feel alive to feel belong.

As a child we learn, learn to be loved, to feel love, to fight, to be educated, to chase after what we want. All these theories took over our thoughts to shape us who we are as we grow.

We grow older, we start to rebel against our parents. This behavioral trait is just being instilled upon us as a teenager. At this point of time, some of us are fortunate to get our hearts broken, while some are wise enough to focus on their studies for a better future. One may say that at this stage of our life is the most important stage. As we learn to have great tons of fun and friends whom will be there for the rest of your life.

The next phase of our life is adulthood. That’s when responsibilities come in and the decisions that we make will be carried forward for the rest of our lives. Everyone goals change over times at this stage, as it is natural that people change over time. For people in their early twenties, they might be focusing on their career. As time goes by, it might be to find one true partner to start a family. Ultimately, there’s a lot of factors that comes into play when we make our decisions here.

Unfortunately, the one last stage that everyone faces and no run can every run away from it. That is the little time remained for the rest of our lives. It’s very ironic, we were born in diapers, learn to walk in a walker and learn to do everything that was being taught to us. When your time is soon up, you are back in diapers, no longer able to walk and forced to use a wheelchair, no longer have the cognitive ability to think anymore. Literally, you are back in Square one of where you came from.

With these phases of life, we have one common denominator in all humans. That is we learn. We go through all these phases and as time passes through we learn new things. Be it a new skill, a new personality you have found in yourself, a new side that you have seen in your partner, etc… all these are learning. These learning is then making us grow, making us better, making us different from one another.

Some of us are fortunate enough to get a longer time to stay on earth, while some do not even have that hour to experience what the world has to offer to them. Most of us tend to forget, forget that life is very short. Life is what you make it be. You can choose to wake up either being grumpy or being thankful. You can choose to kind to strangers rather than being calculative for every minor thing you have done for someone else. Is no doubt that sometimes the things you are going through is tough. But always remember, there are people out there who would switch places with you. To go through what you are going through, because they do not even get to have that opportunity.

I tend to forget all these things when I’m going through a hard time. My emotions will run me over and I’ll constantly ask why is this happening to me. I’m slowly grasping the fact that no matter what is happening now, it will pass. Just take it all in, count my blessings and continue on.

Life is short, live while you can. Of course, live within your means, count your blessings every day and be appreciative of the friends and things that surround you. Remember to Just Breathe.