Sunset in Mandalay 


In her mind, she wants to return back that peace.
She remembers everything so clearly.

As she stood there,
admiring the lovely sunset.
Her mind slowly drifts away,
for a second her mind was blank.
For once, her mind and body were not restless.

Returning back to her reality now.
When the pressure of failing is bombarding her.

All she could think of now is to return to that very moment.
That moment of peace and tranquil in her mind.
That moment when her worries were not overwhelming her.
That moment when her emotions were under controlled.

If she can only believe what everyone says,
when time heals everything.
In her mind,
that is sugar coating.

She clearly knows time does not heal anything.
She knows in order to heal is to let nature flow its way.
She knows to heal is in her very own hands to change.

Oh, everyone thinks they are protecting her bubble,
but in actual fact,
they are bursting it.
How ironic her life can get is still a question to her.