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Most of us are living our lives in a safe mode, tip-toeing around quietly. When there’s an opportunity to take on and follow our dreams, we say No. Some of us don’t even know why we say No to. It might be because of the fear or change, the fear of failure, just an emotional barrier that is stopping us for continuing our interest.

We are so comfortable in the position that we are in, the thought of our dreams has just dminished over time. One cannot be too comfortable in their current situation, always seek for a higher goal, to be better and greater than what we are today.

While some of us tried in pursuing our dreams. We tried once, we fail. We tried the second time, we fail again. With the failure, the huge disappointment and despair, it is naturally to feel like a failure. But never, ever, confuse failing and being a failure! You tried and you fail does not make you a failure in life. It just means that you’ve got to try harder the next time round. By not trying at all, that’s being a failure in life. Not truly living your ideas and aspiration.

The key to who you wish to be, is not only to dream big but to perserve and belief in yourself. No matter what is being thrown at you in life, just belief in your dream. Work towards it, work hard, work even harder and work to the best of your capabilities to achieve what you want in life. Give your best shot in the current situation you are in. Hang in there, hang in there tough, hang in there like is your dear life.

Just one day, one day, you will be able to succeed. That day, you will no longer be dreaming, but living your dream!