I thought I was alright
Taking this trip was to do some soul search
Indeed, it taught me how lucky I was
I was free of you

I thought I was alright,
when I thought about your mum’s birthday
while I’m overseas.
Went out of the way to get a cake and her favourite snack.
Say my last prayer to her.

I thought I was alright,
till my friend questioned me;
why didn’t I chase you back into my life?

I was not alright,
after this trip, more questions emerged into my head.
Elders questioned me where were you.
Asking me when am I getting married to you.
I had no opportunity to tell them that we were are no longer a couple.
All of them just want a happily ever after for us.

I am heartbroken,
still not able to let you go
even though I thought this trip was to let you go once and for all.
Your shadows still lurk me in my head.
My heart still carries you.

Oh my broken heart,
when can you heal and start living your life?

When will I be alright?