A colleague, whom I see as a friend told me that is time to appreciate the little things I have. 

Initially, my thought was; am I that spoilt? Have I really taken things for granted? 

I’m travelling right now in Myanmar. Before coming on this trip, she adviced me to go experience the life of a typical Burmese. Take a look of what they have and how they live their life. 

I’m thankful and lucky to actually be given the opportunity to spend a day at a beach. This beach is where the Burmese comes on a day trip and just to enjoy and relax. Is a small village, only till recently this village started to have electricity and Internet access. They led a very simple life and still staying in huts made of stainless steel plates. One can say is still rural and not exposed to the outside world yet.

It cost USD$1 for entrance fee to enjoy the beach. On a peak day, this beach entertains up to 700 people per day. There’s jet skiing and speed boat, as to how much it cost I’m not too sure. However, is definitely not an Everyday thing that the Burmese can afford. 

Frankly speaking there’s nothing much. Literally a piece of land with a brick shelter and that’s it. 

However, the Burmese were contented. They were by the sea with friends and family. Just enjoying the sun and taking a break. They did not need much and they were purely excited. 

Now I finally see a point when my Friend says that, is time to be more appreciative for the small little things I have. In Singapore I have internet access everywhere, transportation is so convenient, electricity is powered on 24/7 no breakdowns, water supply is ample, everything was attainable. Yet, I never truly appreciated it till the Transformer and Generator broke down.

Staying here for a couple of days in this city is a great way to go back to the basics. Going back to what Mother Nature has actually given us and throwing all superficial things aside. 

I do hope that I’ll bring this lesson back to Singapoe.