I believe that everything one does and want to succeed in it, it takes much effort and time. It can be anything ranging from our daily routine and habits to career.
I went to a place called Kyauktan Ye Le Pagoda. The Burmese calls it the floating temple as it is build upon a river. Decades earlier, this pagoda was a famous destination for weddings. Not surprised, it has a full front view of a grand lake. As time evolved and change in perspectives. This now is a grand piece of architecture and a place for worship.
I didn’t manage to explore inside if the pagoda, just looking it from afar. Next to it was the famous Shewdagon Pagoda. Both these national treasure stood the test of time. Both aged more than 2600 years old, carried lots of history, heritage and traditions behind it.
Build by labourers ages ago, their hard work has not been wasted. These two national treasures are preserved well and magnificent.
I happened to snap a picture late at night. With a couple admiring the same view as me. It was just then, it hit me. Relationships needs to withstand the test of time to work out. As to how? I’m not able to answer that yet.
But I do know that if you really love someone; be patient with your partner. Love them unconditionally as if is the last day you will see them. At the end of the day if the relationship does not bloom into something you wish. At least there were good memories. Also, you can stand tall and say that you have given all to your partner.