A cooling night today;
was contented getting the things I needed.
Satisfied my day ended well.

Took the bus home,
the usual route to head home to my and your place.
A sudden thought that I might be able to catch a glimpse of you,
you driving home.
Knowing you,that won’t happen and
I shrugged that thought away.

Just that last split on the road,
there you go driving past me.
I caught a glimpse of you,
my heart turned heavy.

Heavy that I thought that I was letting you go,
but my heart says otherwise.
Heavy that I changed myself for the better,
but my heart is still leaning towards you.
Heavy that I thought you were out of my head,
but my mind is full of you right now.

That glimpse of you,
is a reminder that I’ve not moved on as I wanted to.
That glimpse of you,
made me moved a few steps backwards.
That glimpse of you,
made me shiver and shake in my body.

How I wish my poor heart can stop aching for you.
How I wish my poor mind can stop thinking of you.
How I wish this can all end.