Standing by the window,
listening to the falling of the rain drops hitting the ground.
Dispersing into tiny little droplets and there it goes,
sliding through cracks in the pavement and into the drain.
What a gloomy day to a start.

All she can think of,
how she could just stay under her duvet and not go to work.
Slowly, the thought of him just slowly crept into her head.

The thought of him ignited a hint of sadness in her.
Facing the fact that they are just strangers now.
Feelings of love have slowly faded for him,
Feelings of hate have dispelled.
All that’s left of him are just memories and a tinge of apathy for him.

Time to start a day without him.
Time to start a new life without him.
Slowly, she is letting go of what could be,
embracing of what should be.