Work Hard in Silence. Let Success be your Noise.

As per my previous posts, in attaining my goals and how I wish to change for the better. I’m happy to say that I’ve lost close to 5kg, getting closer to my ideal weight in mind. Having more choices in classier and prettier clothes that I have not thought of even trying when is on the clothes rack.

Friends said that I look a lot happier, prettier and they are happy for me. However, all of them have a question for me. That is:

How do you find the motivation to lose that much weight and currently trying to attain your career goals? 

My usual routine when I get home, on a good day I will reach home 7ish if not close to 8pm. Change my outfit to my gym clothes and off I head to my apartment’s gym. Working out for me usually takes an hour (includes cardio and body weight exercises). Head home, cook a fast free meal that will take approximately 30 minutes. If I’m lazy, instant oats with a hard boil egg will do the trick for me too. I do this at least 3 times a week. During weekends, a short swimming session and a tan is a must for me! As time goes by, I find that it is hard not to head to the gym. It’s an integrated part of my life right now to head to the gym. It keeps my body fit and my mental well being in check.

Some friends said that I’m too hardcore and I’m doing this to get back on my ex. While other says that, seriously how I managed to do it is hard for them.

Well, the key to doing anything you want to achieve is how motivated you are. I’m motivated to hit the gym after work and ensure that I eat something healthy. Why? Because I want to feel good and look good. In the event, if I do see my ex, I am confident. I do not have to hide in one corner avoiding him. I’m standing head up high and proud of my new body and outfit!

As to how I manage to do it? No one says that whatever you want is easy to attain. You have to put in the effort and time to do it. Is all about time management. Yes is tiring, but if you want the results you have to put in the time.

My result is seeing the numbers of the weighing scale heading down, wearing clothes that fit me better. Is all about how I feel, feeling fitter, happier and ultimately better for my body and mind. I’m not going to cry in bed the whole day, self-pitying myself that my boyfriend left me. Instead, I’m going to change myself for the better.

Ultimately, let success be the noise. You do not have to prove to anyone out there who you are. But you have a responsibility to yourself, to prove to yourself that you are better. Only you can change for the better yourself!