Went to a workshop/ seminar in regards to Branding today. It was a whole day event and I took quite of learning back. At the end of the workshop, I reflected the key takeaways and how exactly it will help my organisation. While walking home, something occurred to me. Branding is about you company story, the emotional appeal behind it to want the customer to crave for your product. All of a sudden, I was thinking Branding can also apply to an individual.

Be honest, we tend to judge an individual or get a first impression just by looking at what they wear. I know, one can say that there’s just superficial. There’s so much more compared to just appearance, how about their character, their personality, their intellectual level etc…

There’s a saying, “Dress the way how you want to be addressed”. Somehow, I’m thinking are we really that superficial in today’s world? Or it is just the norm now just judging one just by looking from top to bottom and leave an imprint in your brain who they exactly are.

I believe that the way you dress should not be the first impression that you leave an imprint. To me, the first impression is the way you talk or how you communicate. That’s how an individual will leave a lasting impression on me.

That’s how I see it, never judge a book by it’s cover.