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At this point of life right now, I would say that it will be one of the lowest points. Now only in terms of my relationship but also my career. On the whole, everything looks really bad and drastic. At this stage, I’m hitting a wall and I have no idea what to do anymore.

Friends have told me to do just go ahead and do things that will make me feel better and happy. Their only advice is stop bothering and caring about my ex at all. Whatever that is shown on his Social Media just ignore as it is no longer my business. Better yet, control and don’t see any of his news feed.

Travelling is solo to somewhere is on my to do list. Is also one of the goal that is last on my to do list. When I put travelling down on my to do list, is because it is the last stage for me to find back myself as a person. Also, I see it as the last part in throwing the past behind and get ready to move on.

I haven’t had this opportunity to do. As my mum, strong disagreed on this idea of travelling solo. She is very worried that I will do something silly and she sees it as running away from reality.

At this point and my last stage of finding back my true self, is to just travel. Be it just for a few days. It will good, and is better than staying put here and hitting walls after walls.

Where to? When? Budget? I’ve no idea yet. Hopefully, I can slot in a time and date into my calendar. Just book my ticket, a hotel to sleep in and explore what other country has to offer. That will be my goal to look forward to now.

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