I don’t know about other’s out there, but do you ever get that munchy sensation in your mouth thru your mid-day while working? You are not hungry, but just greedy for something to chew in your mouth. To satisfy that guilty crave. For some of us, is a snack break like CHIPS (love them!), cookies, pastries, etc…

Ever since I broke up with my ex, my appetite has not been well at all. The food and snacks I use to love are no longer appetizing. I use to love coffee and I must have a cup of coffee thru my midday while working or having it while walking our dog. That sound when the grinder grinds the coffee bean, the smell of coffee beans polluting the whole cafe and the sound of the espresso working hard to make my cup of coffee. When that hot of cup coffee reaches you and you can feel the heat emitting from the cup when you place your fingers close to it. It’s true, eating is not only to fill your tummy but is also a whole new level for your sense.

Since last week, I stop drinking that much coffee. I only limit to one cup per day and that’s it. Firstly, it reminded me of him and second I really have to curb on the reliance on coffee. The sleepless night really made it tough to stay alert through the day. The only solution to be awake is more coffee to go.

The go to snack for me is a cup hot of Hot Milo. Somehow this drink curbs my tummy from eating junk food but also to warm my tummy up pretty nicely. It’s a very comforting feeling especially during the midday when you need something to perk you up. Or even when you sleep at night, that heat will warm your tummy and help you to sleep better.

I can feel part of me changing. My whole being, be it my physical and mental side of me. I know I’m slowly changing. I’m crossing my fingers hoping that is a good change.