My goodbye letter to you


I’ve promised myself till the end of August to forget about you.

My last text to you was, “Thank you for everything, I wish you the very best”

My last letter to you was how much you have grown and I’m happy for you.

I’ve nothing left more to say.

After my body finally caved into the mental and physical distress. The next day I was sick to my core again. Waking up at 1am in the morning finding myself next to the toilet bowl nonstop vomiting. It was then I realised how much I missed you. Previously, you were there to help me, feeding me porridge and buying me apple juice to comfort my stomach. You were next to me at 3am and rushed me straight to the hospital as I cannot stop vomiting and my fever was persistent. At that moment, I really missed you so, hoping you were mine again and I had someone to lean on for comfort and stability. You will never know how much you meant to me inside my heart, you were more than just a “boyfriend” label to me. You were my pillar that held me up no matter what comes in my way.

After 4 days of constant medication and running back and forth to the toilet. I realized, I will and have to walk this path alone without you. I have made it without you. I have to admit it, is hard. But hey, I’ve made it through and I’m proud of myself.

I realized, I do not need you in my life anymore. Yes, I’ve to admit till today I miss you that’s because you have brought me so much joy and happiness into my life. The day we parted was the day that all these joy and happiness turned into scars that are left embedded in my heart.

It will take me a long time to heal from this breakup, at least I am back on my own two feet. Slowly but surely that one day you will just be a guy on the street that does not mean anything to me anymore.