In order to change, one has to be exposed to changes. That is having willingly to throw yourself out there into the unknown. You either fail or you succeed.

Somehow, I’ve been saying that I wish to change. Change for the better, to be a much healthier and happier person because of the changes I made. Certain changes I have made are not scary or nothing to be afraid of. However, there’s still one change that still scares me.

That is a change in job. I do know that leaving a company that my parents have founded sounds weird. After all, friends did say that “its your company? why are you leaving it?” Well, that’s because I need exposure. To understand and what the world has to offer. At the moment, I’m just living in a small little world. Maybe it’s time to spread my wings and fly.

At the moment, I’m looking for a new job. That is something scary for me. I’m going to be working under someone. I have to endure shitty days and I can’t show it on my face when your boss pisses you off. I have no backing and no nothing to lean on when I screw up my job. Is scary and I’m afraid.

I hope that I will be alright. Be able to find a career that I love and be passionate about!

Cross fingers, I do hope that I can find a job during this really bad economy now.