Went for another shopping trip.So happened that I saw some friends from the secondary school days. I lost contact with them since my first year of college. It was great seeing them, they look like they are doing well and enjoying their life. I’m happy for them.

I feel that long lost friends are like the stars in the universe. At times, we can see them shining brightly in our lives or they are so far away that we cannot see them using our naked eyes. Ultimately, is up to us to put in the effort to try and find them back to our lives again.

Long story short, I lost contact with them because of another friend who was my housemate in Australia during college. We fell out so badly that I just stopped being friends with them and the mutual friends we once had. Well, I just stopped contacting them. I was young then, did not bother to clear up the misunderstanding. Also, I was so caught up with my own relationship back in college times. As time goes by, we drifted apart.

Whatever it is, I made mistakes and now I learned my lesson. I will learn from this lesson. This time, I will put in that effort and take the first step forward to reconnect with this friend again.


Time flies by, like how a lightning strike.
I lost some precious time
Due to my foolishness and immaturity.

I have learnt the mistakes I have made,
Now slowly gaining little steps to improve me.

I am no longer the person I was before.
Beginning to be the person whom I want to be.
A confident, self-independent and
a girl who will never abandon her friends anymore.

I have changed for the better.