Time really flies and September is nearing soon. Within this month, lots of things had changed for me in terms of both mental growth and physical growth.

My August’16 to do checklist:

  • Change my style and do an entire makeover (half way there!)
  • Learn something new – Yoga
  • Turning my vision into reality (a secret)
  • Slowly reinstating all my social media platforms – created a new Instagram account/ reinstated facebook / reinstated WhatsApp/ created this blog!
  • Cooking more often (healthier option for both my mum and I)
  • Exercising more often (healthier me a happier me!)
  • Looking for a new career path (still looking)
  • Letting go of my Ex (haven’t yet to accomplish this)

I’m giving myself a pat on the back! I have indeed accomplished quite a lot of things during the month of August’16. Of course, I do know that I have to keep all these up and slowly figuring out who I am.

2 things that I am not done with yet from the list:

a. my makeover

Lots of girls said that shopping is a retail therapy. Yes, I would agree, as I’ve been shopping every fortnight! Cleared all my old clothes away, for the fact that is old and I can no longer fit in those clothes! So far I’ve only done 2 shopping trips and oh boy! Never did I realise that shopping is can be really tiring! My wardrobe is only 1/3 full! I still have a long way to go in shopping for new clothes and outfit!

My friends did say that the change of style and makeover was good. Is a refreshing look and I am so much more presentable compared to before! When I’m out, my friends did say guys were noticing me. I’m glad that they have validated this change in me and I’m happy to look good and better now. As for dates and guys, now is not the right time to do so. I don’t mind making more friends, but I’m not ready for dates or meeting someone new at the moment.

b. letting go of my ex

A lot of my friends said that I’m doing a lot better compared to the first few weeks of my break up and the phase of our huge argument over Whatsapp. They said that I am slowly getting better. I can laugh now, gaining back my normal appetite, slowly becoming the person they use to know again. They said all these signs are representative of me letting go of the past.

I did mention that I’m giving myself until the end of August’16 to get over my ex. This, I’m still not able to check off my list. I know that I’m going strong without him in my life, however, part of me still misses him. Friends and family had told me countless time, hinting me to let go of this guy. He’s not the right guy to marry to and be with for the rest of my life. Someone did give me an advice in order to let go, that is:

Don’t think of letting go. Rather, realise why you have to let it go. Let mother nature do the work and instead of focusing how to let go.

Is true, break ups do change a person. It might be for the better or for the worst. But I do know one thing in common in break ups. That is, it takes time to heal.

From what I know, I still need more time to let go of what could have been. Instead, look forward to what should be. As to how? For a start, I need to stop thinking how to let go. Rather, just let things flow naturally. There will come a day that I realise why I’ve to let go, even though I know those reasons in my head but is just not sticking in yet. I guess, just simply let things flow naturally and let mother nature do the work instead.