I’ve to confess, I’ve been really lazy the past 2 weeks so I stopped cooking. My fuss-free meal was always to have instant oats with an egg.

I’ve been telling my colleagues the past 2 weeks that I will cook something them. So finally, I got my ass up, get some proper groceries and get to the kitchen to whip up something nice for them. As I’ve 2 vegetarians in the office and I’m constantly questioning them why the need to be vegetarians. But of course, I respect their decisions and love them very much. They are 2 very lovely ladies who I always made fun of, for my own personal entertainment. This time I shall be nice and make them vegetarian lasagna.

I’ve only made Beef Lasagna, this is the first time I’m making Vegetable Lasagna. Somehow, I might have underestimated the amount of vegetables needed to make one and the variety to make one. So I pity them for eating it even though I did put in lots of effort to cook it. It took me one and a half hours to cook it. It just includes all 3 colors of capsicum, carrots, mushrooms and tomatos. Cross-fingers, I do hope it tastes good.

It felt really good to be in the kitchen again. Its fun and enjoyable and I get to share this food with people I’m happy to be around with. Is boring to  just cook for my mum and I. At times, she doesn’t even like my cooking as she thinks that its too healthy.

I do hope that I will get into the kitchen more often now. Whip up something healthy and yummy for my mum and I more often. If have the time, I’ll whip up something nice for my colleagues too. Maybe even start to bake again!

Also, I do think I need to work on my photography, that picture I took do not give any justice to the vegetarian lasgana that I just made.