I went to do a Tarot Card reading again. To see if these cards really answered the questions I have inside of me and also to check if it’s accurate.

Well, I managed to get some answers I needed. Get a better sense of how I should go about with my life and the changes I need to make.

Somehow, I do hope that whatever that was being predicted today will come true. As I need some redirection and focus in my life again.

For now, I need to focus on my career and push find my skills. Only then I will achieve something out of my life.

Here are some of what the Tarot Card Reader have to say to me:

  • Let go of your previous relationship. Both of you are not the right fit
  • In time you will be able to find someone else
  • You are smart but whiny. So stop whiny and take those emotions and generate into something better
  • Do what you are passionate about, only then your career will take flight
  • Do not source for the money, let the money come to you
  • You are destined to do something great with your career. Just take a look and find a skill to bring you to the next level
  • Do not act rashly and do not get angry. Always be patient and think things through before committing
  • You get tired easily but hang in there.
  • Don’t let others bully you, hold your ground and be firm
  • Do let your emotions overrun your thinking. Always think first

Interesting tarot card reading. Well, I will not believe it entirely, but is a point of reference.