Is human nature to constantly think of bad events, bad memories, and just everything bad when their life keeps crashing down. I would say that yes is quite normal to think of it that way, at least we have something to pin it on for the reason why your day was horrible.

Why can’t we look at the positive side to how horrible your day was? Isn’t there always a silver lining to everything, at least a little tiny bit? Why can’t we thank or appreciate that at least every day there’s one thing we can be grateful for? These are the little reminders that will make us happier and a little lighter on our feet when we walk.

Technically I’m being baptised as a catholic since I was a child. I’ve been to Mass but never was I “confirmed” as a catholic. Right now, I do not practice any catholic preaching or traditions, but I do believe in God.

Before my break up, I’ve learnt to trust and put more faith in God. I believe that everything he did or put me through, he has a reason for it. Also, he put me through all these obstacles in life because he knows that I can pull through all of it.

Every day, I have been praying to God. My first sentence to him was always to thank him for the little reminders that made my life a little better. Be it how small is it, be it is a meal that I can afford every day, the lovely friends I get to talk to and all the simple pleasures in life. I do think that is important to always remind yourself that there’s always something positive in your life. No matter how big or how small it is, always be thankful for it.

Somedays, I know is very tough to think of the positive things in our everyday life. I’ve been there and sometimes I get very weary of my life too. In my previous post “A First Time for Everything”, I mentioned that I’m going to get my vision that I had since I was 21 years old into a reality. As it serves as a small reminder to me every day that Life still goes on. It took me 4 years to make this into a reality, also, it took me lots of courage and bravery to do it. I’ve been procrastinating it because I’m afraid of how people would judge me. Even till I stepped into the shop, I was still having second thoughts “Should I or Should I not? I’m scared and freaking out!”At least for me, it took me lots of procrastination to do it as I’m afraid of how people would judge me. What finally made me take this step is after reading several books. All books have this common baseline, that is “Life is short, live it!” So I took this advice and did what I wanted to do! I know it sounds cliche, but it pushed me to doing something I always dreamt of doing it.

Apologies, I will not say what exactly it is. As it is quite an intimate detail of my life that only 2 friends of my mine know. I wish to remain it that way. I’m proud of myself, and I’m glad I did it. I can be constantly reminded of the little things in my life that made my life better. These are the things that I’m grateful for.

Finally, Just Breathe… Life goes on no matter how it is.