The sun was setting at the Golden Hour,
Like those painting you see, it was romantically beautiful.
Both of us were standing by your main door,
Just admiring that gorgeous sunset.

I was in your arms,
Your sturdy arms and chest against my back.
Making me feel like I was in a safe heaven.
Your fingers reached into mine,
It felt right, your hands were like my gloves, intertwining mine so every lovingly.
It was a perfect moment that I always long for.

Slowly, I turned my face towards yours,
Instinctively, you leaned in and soon your soft lips were on mine.
Kissing me so tenderly,
Making me quiver in my legs and greedy for more.

Separating our lips apart, those 3 words,
you can never say it louder.
Made my heart flutter and having butterflies in my tummy.

It was just then, the image of you is starting to get blurred.
A moment I yearn so deeply but will never return.
Is just a dream.