One of Jojo Moyes famous novel has turned into a movie, titled Me Before You. Needing a new book to read, why not read this famous novel? Give it a shot since everyone is raving about it when the movie premiered in Singapore then.

I’m only halfway thru the book, but it seems that Will is very determined to change Lou’s mandate life into an exciting one. However, Louisa is always worried and very hesitant to do it due to financial, how people were to judge her etc …. or I see it maybe is just excuses to wiggle out of it.

People are always hesitant to changes, it just our nature to be fearful as it requires adaptation. But, sometimes being afraid is a good thing. It means that you are about to do something that you need to be brave in. It tests your limit and how much you changes you can accept.

All my friends are saying that they can feel a change in me. Be it in my dressing, thinking and personality. They sense a different LZHT. Well some of them are waiting for such changes for quite sometime, while some friends of mine was taken aback. Wondering why the change when everything seems to be doing well.

That’s the problem, for the past 25 years I’ve not truly lived the life I wanted. Till when I was 18, I’m still living a life for my mum. Abiding her rules and principles, having that constant pressure to make her feel proud that she has such a wonderful daughter that listens to her. Is only till I’m in Australia, I managed to catch a breather and finally enjoy a little and discover who I am. That was one of my major turning point and it changed me drastically.

After this break up, is also another turning point for me to change into someone better. Why? Because I truly know who I am and I’m getting a clearer picture of what I want. That ignited a change in me and hopefully a good one.

I’m excited in the changes I’m doing for myself. Is a sense of achievement and pride that I’m finally doing something in life that makes me feel more confident and comfortable.