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Ever since my break up, I’ve been reading a lot more. Really like way a lot more, to immerse myself in these books. As a method to allow me to understand what the characters are going through. Also, to escape my reality for that little while and enjoying a good time in bed before heading to sleep.

While I was schooling, my English language was bad. Always having a red mark on my report card or having a border line grade on my report card. My teachers then had been telling me to read more books to improve on my English. Of course, being a stubborn child never did I listened. My mum even brought me to public libraries to borrow books. After borrowing, I would come home and chuck them aside. The habit of not reading, carried on all the way till college. Not saying now that my English is any better now. I think there’s still a lot more improvement that needs to be done.

I didn’t read much in college, due to my heavy loads of assignments. Instead of reading books, I was forced to read lots of marketing and management academic journals. At the end of each semester, my journals were piled up till the height of my knee level (i’m 5 foot tall). Reading academic journals were not as bad as I thought, it actually inspired me to wanting to pursue a PHD and wanting to be a lecturer. Interestingly, academic journals were written to test hypothesis . At the end of the of it, one might actually prove if their hypothesis are in fact true. Its a validation that “Hey! I managed to find an answer to something!” Is a proof of oneself in his or her ability to find a solution and how bad we want that answer to a certain question we have in mind.

As for reading fiction or non-fiction books, its a very different feel to reading academic journals. The first book I’ve picked up right after my break up was a self-help book. It’s about how to have an open communication and how to socialize better with someone else. The next book was also a self-help book, titled “Letting Go” by Emma Woolf. That book lifted my spirits up after reading it. It taught me to be true to who I am and be comfortable with myself. Besides, the author was very sincere and genuine to share her experience. Reading this book was not hard, it was in fact very enjoyable. Read a few others self-help books, mainly to find happiness and letting go of detachments. Was alright, it was all about moving on.

Self-help books, well one can only take in so much information to how to change into a better person. Stopped reading it as it was getting dry. Right now, reading a lot more fiction books. Yes, they might not be a true story but the authors are just so imaginative, so creative and so witty in bringing the characters to life. Its just so amazing, so fascinating. Most importantly, I was able to immerse myself into the character’s role and escape back in time to feel what they are going through and to escape my own reality.

How I wish one day, I can write fluently and imaginatively. I want to be able to write the characters so vividly that the readers will imagine they are just at the scene with the characters. Is just so liberating to be able to write something that one day others will learn to appreciate.