A day ago, I was naive thinking that the world was at my feet.

Like a pristine white piece of paper, no creases no stains.

Living in my own little bubble.


With just one news, stabbing on my body and soul.

Crippling and weakening me by the second.

My world is starting to crumble, falling apart.

Is as if, the sky is falling on me and not being able to breathe.


The world I live in now, is like a crumpled piece of paper.

Full of tough creases, leaving a permanent scar on my soul.

Living in darkness and lost.



Like a wandering ghost, now searching for the light.

A light to guide me walking through this crumbled world.

A light to ease the pain I’m going through in life.

A light that only I can find to take me out of this crippled world.