Mitch Albom: The Five People You Meet In Heaven

Emotions are a funny thing. No logic or reasoning can explain why or how you feel that way. 

I’ve finally read this book: The Five People You Meet In Heaven after sitting on my shelve for 8 years. The pages are starting to turn yellow and the edges are already browning. How time flies. 

After reading this book, I’ve realised that I’ve never taken certain values and lessons seriously. This book has enlightened me in some ways giving me a new perspective of the life I’m going through. 

Total, 5 lessons to be learnt. 

First: life is never fair. Some die young and some get to live a long life. Who’s to say? What matters is, do not take your life for granted and do not waste it. 

fairness does not govern life and death
life is not wasted
Second: Sacrifices are part and parcel of life. You don’t like it, but you do it. Why? Mostly it’s because you love someone and want them to be happy.

Third: loyalty goes a long way, be it to a parent, friend or a partner. Sometimes, one might be rash and resulted them in doing somethings they didn’t mean to. Ultimately, we get to have a choice. To stick through with someone or to break it. 

All parents damage their children. Does it mean that we should not love our parents?
I personally feel that yes, parents do damage children. Why? It’s because, as a parent they didn’t know that they are actually causing emotional hurt to their child. Some parents are just bad at expressing their emotions. As a result it came out as a negative way. Therefore, as a child you will carry that grudge till adulthood. Does that mean that as a child you shouldn’t be loyal to your parent? To me, that’s just an excuse. No matter what happens they are your parents. As a child you have to thank them for bringing you to this world. Without their existence, you will not be in this world. Always remember to stick through thick and thin with them.

Friendship and relationship is about being loyal to each other. Being there for each other. That’s how it binds this contract of love between 2 or more people.

Fourth: love. Lost love is still love. You still have the memories you once had with that person. He or she might not be by your side, but they will reside in your heart. 

lost love is still love
Fifth lesson: Remember, we all make mistakes. We are not perfect. The mistakes we made, are scars that make us stronger day by day. Learn from them and learn to forgive yourself. If you do not forgive yourself, you will never let go of the past. You will never be able to move forward in life. 

I’ve finished reading this book in one sitting. After that, tears started to flow. Well it started after reading the fourth lesson. 

I can’t stop and I’ve realised that I ve cried myself to sleep. No idea why I just can’t stop the water works, but somehow I’ve finally managed to release the sadness that has been crushing on me all this while.

Now this book will given to someone else who will appreciate it. Hopefully, it will englighten them like it did for me.

Images and quotes are taken from the book itself. All credits goes to the author Mitch Albom.