It’s 4am, woken up by the alarming thoughts of you. 

Eyes barely opened but my mind is full of you. 

I’m trying so hard to stop thinking about you, but the heart wants what it wants. 

I miss you so dearly, till it hurts me so bad.

My head is like a recorder, constantly hitting replay. Flashing back the memories we once had together. 

How I wish, the memories we once had can be erased off my mind with a “delete” button.

It’s 7am, my eyes are still closed. My heart and head is still missing you.

Missing how my fingers can trace that face of yours when you are asleep.

My body wanting your warmth all over me when I was in your arms.

Smelling that intoxicating body soap of yours when you were lying next to me.

You might have someone else in your bed and in your arms.

The thought of you lying next to some other girl, made my body shiver.

The thought of you kissing some other girl, made my heart ache in agony.

The thought of you moving on so quickly, made me feel pathetic. 

Foolish of me to still think about you.

I still miss you and miss the times we once had.

One day, I’ll stop missing you and when that day comes, is when my heart is done aching for you.

I will only miss the time I’ve spend pondering over you. Leading the life that I should have lived.